Tips for Introducing Grass

[huge_it_videogallery id="16"] Many of us come across on a daily basis with the special sensory needs with our kids. This can go back as far as their first few months as a baby. Some babies/toddler are resistive to grass and that may lead to other sensory needs. Here are the few simple steps you can…
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Organizing Bobby Pins – FM Skills

Improving your child motor skills can be small and simply activities such as organizing “Bobby Pins”. The coordination of small muscles or dexterity are very important to develop continues thought process in children. The more they exercise this part of the brain, is more likely their coordination will improve over time. Contact us for more…
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Breathing Techniques for Kids to Calm and Focus

[huge_it_videogallery id="7"] Little Champs Therapy & Yoga adheres comprehensive therapeutic approach in community settings. Our therapists emphasis Yoga concepts and breathing techniques during a therapy session. Yoga movements, breath awareness, and deep breathing exercises help children improve focus and relaxation during therapy sessions and day to day activities. The video below demonstrates the Yoga Breath…
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Rolling Through Occupational Therapies

WHAT IS ROLLING BALL THERAPY? This is a great exercise that we incorporate into to the child’s Occupational Therapies. This technique can lower stress levels in the child by releasing particular transmitter in the brain. It does this by providing a safe way to apply pressure and send stimulus input to the brain from the…
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Social Group Session time!

Our Director of Speech Pathology, Andrea Etkie (center) hosted a social group for two clients that use AAC (Augmentative Alternative Communication) for communication. Both clients, Marissa (far left) and Ava (far right) enjoyed interacting with each other during a fun lunch out! Marissa and Ava used their devices to order what they wanted to eat…
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How to create a language rich environment!!!!

WHAT is a language rich environment? A language rich environment is when you, as a parent or caregiver, talks to the child frequently. This involves many responses from you supporting good behaviors, discussing objects around you, and talking about the actions you are engaging in. WHY is this important? Talking to your child frequently is…
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Improving postural control

Postural control is important for kids with modified abilities. Functional Benefits: [check_list] Postural control during transfers being able to sit up on edge of bed for ease in transfer While sitting on the toilet being able to transfer and hold themselves up for toilet use Eventually being able to sit by themselves sitting up on…
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World Club Foot Day – November 6

What Is Club Foot? [check_list] Club foot is a common deformity of one or both feet that is detected before or after birth, and does not have a known cause. The child’s heel points downward as the front of the foot points inward. Due to this twist of the foot, the calf muscles are short…
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Sensory Integration – Climbing to the next level

The playground is not just for fun but developmentally fundamental! Swinging, sliding, and most importantly climbing are great for sensory integration and strength!

Climbing ladders and up steps is important for:

  • Upper body and lower body coordination
  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Gravitational insecurity
  • Control stepping down
  • Strengthening of legs and arms
  • Increases flexibility
  • Builds grip strength in hands in feet

Climbing down is more difficult as it requires gravitational security, control and ability to alternate legs and arms while stepping backwards. This will require added attention to hand and foot placement.

For those kiddos who are afraid of heights or have difficulty swinging or sliding, climbing is a good way acclimate to height changes and overcome gravitational insecurity.

For more information or help with climbing feel free to ask any one of our great Therapist’s! Call us today at (305) 923-2777.