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Little Champs Therapy & Yoga is committed to providing the highest quality pediatric therapy services to children with special needs. We offer Pediatric Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy. We infuse Yoga into our practice to expedite your child's healing process.

An Extraordinary Therapy Experience

Treatments for your child right in the luxury of your own home

Little Champs Therapy & Yoga is dedicated to unleashing your child's full potential in the comfort of your home. Home based therapy allows individuals to strengthen their skills in a convenient and familiar setting. Families are also able to continue with their to-do list or participate more closely in their child's growth.

Physical Therapy Broward County
Yoga Therapy
Occupational Therapy Delray
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Why Choose Us?

Services at your home
Your child receives therapy in his/her natural environment in the luxury of his/her home. This allows parents to spend quality time with their children and siblings This also save parents from the stress of driving the child to the facility and waiting during the therapy with other siblings.
Holistic approach
As our minds and body are inseparable, a child performs at it his/her best when they receive services that helps their mind, body and spirit.
Qualified professionals
Our team consists of licenced Therapists and internationally certified Yoga instructors.
Flexible Schedules
We work during national holidays, beside working till late during the regular days. During emergencies, we also work during weekend.
We accept all major insurances, including Medicaid, CMS T19 & T21, Amerigroup Medicaid and healthy kids, Humana Medicaid and Sunshine State Health plan Medicaid
Free Consultation
Call us for a free 15 minutes phone consultation.

We LOVE Little Champs

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