Trunk Strengthening in Toddlers

Toddlers age is very active as they grow through major gross motor activities during this stage. At this age, your toddler masters skills for walking on different grounds, walking up/down the stairs, running, and manipulating ball. Some children struggle in mastering these skills due to weakness in trunk, hips, and shoulder girdles. Prone activities using…
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Importance Of Trunk Strengthening In Infants

Sitting up, crawling, standing and walking are all exciting milestones in your infant's life. With each new milestone, your little one is getting stronger and developing. Help him grow by including exercises in your routine that help encourage muscle strength and nervous system adaptations that lead to development. The trunk includes the muscles of the…
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Basic postural problems at the hip: anterior pelvic tilt

A healthy hip is very important for efficient movement, since most of the power a child display is generated at the hip. Walking, running, or jumping: without a strong hip you won’t excel at these activities. If we look at posture the hip is just as important, since many times wrong posture can be traced…
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