Improving postural control

Improving postural control

Postural control is important for kids with modified abilities.

Functional Benefits:

  • Postural control during transfers
    • being able to sit up on edge of bed for ease in transfer
  • While sitting on the toilet
    • being able to transfer and hold themselves up for toilet use
  • Eventually being able to sit by themselves
    • sitting up on bedside, sitting in chair for longer periods of time and avoiding being bed-bound

Achieving postural control through physical therapy

Here we are working on quadruped, with and without a therapy ball, this…

  • Encourages weight-bearing on upper extremities
  • Develops elbow extension
  • Develops trunk control

We are using the therapy ball under abdomen, as the patient is only able to maintain quadruped for about 30 seconds with maximum assistance. The therapy ball is comfortable for the patient and takes the strain off both the therapist’s and the parents’ backs while working in this position.

Parent Involvement

Parent involvement in therapy is very important and beneficial to the child. With in-home therapy, parents have the opportunity to be hands-on during their child’s therapy session. This is beneficial because they can take what they have learned and incorporate it into their daily lives. For the child, this provides more carry over of the therapy which leads to better functional outcomes.
If you think we can help your family improve your functional goals, please contact us to set up an appointment with one of our dedicated therapists.

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