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About Us

At Little Champs Therapy & Yoga, we embrace each child’s differences and work with them to overcome their unique challenges. It is achieved by designing individualized comprehensive therapy programs with unique combinations of our wide range of speech, physical, occupational, and other innovative therapies.

Because each therapy program is tailored to a specific child, no two programs are exactly alike. After your child’s program is customized, our experienced and dedicated therapists work closely with your family to empower your child to meet their goals, no matter how big or small they may be. At the same time, we are always mindful of the needs of the family and even encourage family participation in some of our programs.



Little Champs Therapy & Yoga’s mission is to provide outstanding, compassionate, and evidence-based therapies to the clinical and community setting covering the entire Florida from birth to life.

Our vision is to focus on therapies that are family-centered with a practical approach leading to improving the overall quality of life for the families. Our standards also include offering parental education to provide comprehensive therapies that cater to each individual and family’s needs.


Little Champs Therapy & Yoga was founded in 2017 by Nisha Bhatt. Nisha is a licensed physical therapist and an Internationally certified yoga teacher.

Nisha’s intense passion about Yoga goes back in her childhood. In 2002, Nisha was awarded with “Yoga Teacher” diploma by the International Yoga Federation in Rio De Jenero, Brazil. Along with excelling in Yoga, she started her education towards becoming a physical therapist. Nisha obtained her master’s degree in physical therapy (PT) from D’Youville College in Buffalo, NY in 2008 and her doctorate in PT from University of South Florida in Tampa, FL in 2015.

After becoming a physical therapist, Nisha spent first couple of years in different settings helping people get back to their lives by her amazing physical therapy skills. After becoming a mother, Nisha took her career in pediatric setting. While providing pediatric therapies in clinic setting, Nisha observed the hardship the mothers must go through to bring kids to clinic for the therapies. As a mother of 2 beautiful daughters, Nisha wanted to make life easier for mothers by eliminating the commute to the clinic, instead using that time for their families. Nisha was determined to make a difference in day to day life for kids and families. In 2016, Nisha started providing physical therapies to the families in need in homes, daycares, private schools, parks, and other settings. Nisha concluded that children and families were receiving much more benefits in the community setting compared to the clinical setting. Keeping this in mind, Nisha founded Little Champs Therapy & Yoga in 2017. Little Champs Therapy & Yoga provides comprehensive therapy approach dedicated to the child and family uniquely. At Little Champs, the focus is kept on family instead of the child alone. Every passing days and months, Little Champs is constantly working on enhancing their services that is family centered. Therefore, Little Champs therapy and Yoga has included multiple comprehensive therapies that include, Yoga, Music, and Life Coaching. Along with this, Nisha also foresees the need of more of intensive therapies and programs which are coming soon at our West Palm Beach clinic.



Hope – believe in the potential of every child and commit to helping them succeed, giving families hope when others have failed.

Love – Little Champs Therapy & Yoga is a family business built on the love that parents have for their children. Embody Little Champs Therapy & Yoga’s spirit of love through kind actions, warmth, and words used every day.

Share – strive to educate and collaborate with each other, so that ultimately, our clients and their families leave in a better place. Strive to collaborate and educate as part of the Little Champs Therapy & Yoga team, so that our clients and their families leave Little Champs Therapy & Yoga with positivity and hope

Grow – evolve, engage and continue to learn, from our clients, our colleagues and our industry so that we truly offer the best therapy possible.

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