Little Champs Therapy & Yoga adheres comprehensive therapeutic approach in community settings. Our therapists emphasis Yoga concepts and breathing techniques during a therapy session. Yoga movements, breath awareness, and deep breathing exercises help children improve focus and relaxation during therapy sessions and day to day activities. The video below demonstrates the Yoga Breath or “pranayama.” This is a simple technique that our therapist incorporates in each session and we encourage parents to apply with their kids.

These techniques calm the child during their session as well as during everyday tasks. This practice helps to achieve increased focus and attention while minimizing negative emotional reactions.

Here are some helpful pointers to get started:

• Introduce this as a “game” – Make it fun!

• When child is learning, try to provide the environment is tranquil and quiet

• Utilize this as an opportunity to bond with your child

• Patience is key – usually after 3 days of practice this becomes routine

All children are different and respond to life and new experiences in their own wonderful and unique ways. Therefore, it is important to note that this breath technique can take time to master, so don’t get discouraged.

We are excited to share this exercise with our community, no matter the child, circumstance, or environment, when this is mastered, you will enjoy the amazing results!!

You may also schedule a private Yoga session to learn such techniques with our mindfulness specialists. Just call at 561-494-4499 to inquire about next opening.