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Providing Therapies In Clinical and community settings

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A Remarkable Therapeutic Journey

The primary objective of Little Champs Therapy & Yoga is to deliver exceptional, empathetic, and research-backed therapeutic services within clinical and community environments throughout Florida, catering to individuals from infancy to all stages of life.

Nisha Bhatt, PT, DPT, is the visionary founder behind this mission.

Our Programs

Physical Therapy

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Occupational Therapy

Speech Therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Music Therapy

LCTY Tutor Experience

Yoga Therapy

Social Group Therapy

Schools/Daycare/ADA Centers

Our Process

Step 3

Evaluation Registration

Once we have received all three documents via the portal: referral, intake form and insurance information, our administrative staff will call you to schedule the evaluation either at home or at our clinic.

Step 4

Treatment Scheduling

After the evaluation, the therapist will compile a report and send it to your child’s pediatrician for approval, and, once approved, it will be forwarded to your insurance for authorization. Upon receiving authorization, we will contact you to schedule ongoing treatment either at your home or our clinic.

Sometimes we let the numbers do the talking.

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    Appointments Booked each week
    Families benefiting from expertise
    Highly Trained and Highly Caffeinated Therapists
    Counties Benefiting from Services

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