Sophia McGarth, CCC-SLP2020-09-04T16:32:07-04:00

Sophia McGrath chose to become a SpeechTherapist because she always wanted to do work that helped others with their needs. Sophia is a bilingual SLP who is fluent in Spanish. She loves working with children and their families to increase their abilities and skills that are needed to make their lives more functional. Sophia loves incorporating creativity and imagination in her sessions to not only make them functional but also Fun! Sophia loves making connections with her families and treats each child as if they were her own. Sophia has experience and is passionate to work with children with expressive/receptive language disorders, articulation and cognitive deficits and autism spectrum disorders.

When she is not at work, Sophia is usually outdoors; at the beach with her family, playing ball with her lab or exercising. Sophia loves cooking and baking and likes to try new recipes weekly. Sophia loves to travel with her family to discover new places, cultures and traditions.

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