Founder of Little Champs Therapy & Yoga

Nisha combines her extensive background in eastern yoga traditions and philosophy with her physical therapy training rooted in a more holistic western healthcare model. She provides a safe and nurturing environment that encourages self-exploration with the belief that for each client the opportunity may then arise to move beyond his/her perceived limitations. Nisha expands upon each individual’s innate talents and strengths. Her goal is to always provide the ‘just-right’ challenge for her clients, thus facilitating a sense of increased self-confidence and self-esteem in the chosen life activities that we as human beings engage on a daily and ongoing basis.

Nisha is a licensed physical therapist and an Internationally certified yoga teacher.

Nisha obtained her master’s degree in physical therapy (PT) from D’Youville College in Buffalo, NY in 2008 and her doctorate in PT from University of South Florida in Tampa, FL in 2015. Nisha’s PT doctoral capstone used “Yoga in conjunction to physical therapy for a preschooler with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to decrease severity of condition and to improve socio-emotional functioning and behavioral characteristics” via a case study.

Nisha’s intense passion about Yoga goes back in her childhood. Nisha started Yoga when she was 5 years old. Her love towards Yoga kept growing with increasing years. Her daily 2-3 hours of Yoga practiced not only included floor Yoga but also Rope Yoga. She participated at national level in India and won a bronze medal in Rope Yoga for 6 consecutive years. Then at the age of 16, her interest grew toward teaching Yoga and she started coaching in India. After arriving in Canada, she observed the need for Yoga at a deeper level. She continued offering her knowledge and classes in Canada. In 2002, Nisha was awarded a “Yoga Teacher” diploma by the International Yoga Federation. Along with pursuing her career in physical therapy, she continued teaching Yoga to the community. Her goals are to help children integrate the benefit of Yoga in their daily life to promote stress free life.