Marly Bazelais, OTA2021-10-18T17:45:32-04:00

AA Occupational Therapy, Keiser University

Since I could remember I wanted to be in the healthcare field helping others, and thought being a nurse was the only way to do so, but something was missing. I am more a hands on and creative type of person, so when I discovered that an occupational therapist can help you re-use your hands again, help you create, develop, teach you how to feed/dress yourself on your own, I immediately knew that’s the field I wanted to be in; I wanted to play a part in someone’s recovery, wanted to teach, and educate not only my patients but their family/aides as well. And working with kids has opened a new horizon in the field.

As leisure activities, I love traveling, movies, a good adventure is always welcomed. I enjoy trying new food/restaurant, something different than my normal. I also enjoy putting together a good floral arrangement.

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