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As a Children’s Yoga & Mindfulness Therapist, Lisa specializes in combining her two passions, yoga and helping children. Her experience really started back in high school when her first job was working with a developmentally challenged child for ARC. This experience made such a huge impact on her that Lisa was inspired to continue focusing on children with special needs throughout college, and then she graduated with her BA in Special Education from Florida Atlantic University. In 2001, Lisa became certified in Yoga for the Special Child, and over the years, she has been blessed to work with children of all ages and varying exceptionalities. Lisa has 2 beautiful children of her own, Nicholas and Lauren. Nicholas, who is 12, is on the Autism Spectrum, and Yoga & Mindfulness has helped him become more centered and less anxious. With Lisa’s knowledge and first hand experience, she has a mission to now help others overcome the same challenges she has experienced over the years.

When she is not at work, Lisa loves volunteering for her children’s schools or other charity organizations. Her hobbies are wellness, education, cooking, and travel. Cooking healthy foods also brings a wonderful sense of balance and wellness at home, so she has a pretty large collection of cookbooks! Traveling with her family is always enjoyable and exciting, while she also loves to spend time outdoors to soak in the beauty of nature. Her perfect day would be sitting on the beach in Sanibel Island, relaxing with a good book while watching her kids running and playing in the sand and surf.

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