As a speech language pathologist with twenty years of experience, I have learned how to work with almost any child of any age chronological and developmental age. My expertise includes articulation, language, fluency (stuttering), and PECS. I often use PECS for Augmentative Communication because it encourages speech and visual prompting of the word. My focus is less on technology and more on real human speech, communication, and social skills.

I love providing home care because it is really the only kind of therapy where the caregivers could be involved and trained to help the child as well. It is true that the old saying, “It takes a village to raise a child” really applies here. If asked to, I also work with teachers, school personnel, and anyone else who is involved with my little client to share knowledge. We are all working together.

I enjoy creating interesting therapy lessons, training caregivers, and evaluating and re-evaluating children to measure progress. I also love to buy toys?