Sharla Dorval, PTA2021-10-14T20:57:56-04:00

Sharla chose to become a Physical Therapist Assistant because it gives her the ability to educate and empower people about how to be physically aware of their bodies, and in turn improve their overall quality of life. Sharla instantly fell in love with working in the field of pediatrics, because working closely with children as they develop, grow and meet new milestones allows her the honor to become an important addition to their lives. She loves the amount of creativity needed for each child. She is also excited to be able to teach and empower parents, siblings, and extended family members to help their child meet his or her goals. Sharla has extensive experience working with children with Developmental Delay in Milestones, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual Disabilities and Sensory Processing Disorder.  

When she is not at work, Sharla is usually working out at the gym or playing tennis. She likes playing doubles in tennis because of the teamwork. Sharla loves traveling to try out different foods. On her free time, she also loves to binge watch her favorite Netflix series.

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