Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

Little Champs Therapy & Yoga offers speech therapy to children to address delays and disorders in expressive/receptive language, articulation, and oral motor dysfunction, apraxia of speech, social language, fluency, feeding and swallowing, and cognitive skills.

We also offer specialized services in assessment and treatment for children with variety of disorders including cerebral palsy, brain injuries, developmental delays, autism spectrum disorder, etc.
Our therapists use a variety of techniques to teach children the essential skills needed to be confident and successful communicators. We develop customized instruction speech-language or feeding therapy programs for implementation based upon your child’s needs.

Evaluation or consultation with a speech-language pathologist may be warranted if you have concerns regarding your child’s speech or language development or use in any of the following areas:



  • Language: Is your child gesturing, but not talking? Does your child seem to have a limited vocabulary for his/her age?
  • Does your child have a hard time understanding directions?
  • Articulation: Do you have a hard time understanding your child’s speech?
  • Do teachers point out to you that your child is more difficult to understand than other children his/her age?
  • Feeding/swallowing: Is your child having difficulty eating and swallowing safely
  • Fluency: Does your child frequently struggle to speak and/or repeat sounds, syllables, or words when speaking?
  • Voice: Is your child's voice chronically hoarse?


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