Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy services benefits your child: 

  • Range of Motion – how far a joint can bend or straighten
  • Strength – strength against gravity
  • Balance – ability to maintain balance (tilting and righting responses) and to keep oneself from falling (protective responses)
  • Reflexes – automatic responses seen particularly in infants (palmar grasp, positive support, asymmetrical tonic neck reflex [ATNR] and labyrinthine)
  • Posture – alignment of the body in various positions
  • Tone – natural resistance in a muscle (increased tone is stiffness and decreased tone is floppiness) 

Physical Therapy treatments that benefits your child: 

  • Stretching and strengthening activities and exercises to increase a child’s range and quality of movement.
  • Establishing or reshaping movement patterns to follow normal development
  • Improving balance and equilibrium skills
  • Improving postural control
  • Gait training (walking)
  • Evaluating the need for adaptive equipment and orthopedic devices
  • Helping parents understand ways to play and interact with their children to stimulate good quality movement patterns in the home environment. 



At Little Champs Therapy & Yoga we have highly trained pediatric therapists that know how to challenge the child in a loving environment, pushing their performance and helping them achieve new developmental milestones.