Patrice De Jean2020-10-20T14:34:35-04:00

Pat chose to become a Physical Therapist Assistant because he always wanted to end up with a career committed to service. After a knee injury in 2012 and a brutal rehabilitation, he fell in love with the process and the spirit of feeling down but getting up and ending up stronger, physically and mentally. He loves working in the field of pediatric disability, patients with fun-loving energy, high-spirited and wonderfully unique young people. Pat loves that he has the opportunity to learn something new every day and preserve his inner youth when working with all of our patients and is especially passionate about making strong, collaborative connections with the children and their families.

When he is not at work, Pat is usually outdoors; at the beach, reading, playing basketball or working out. He loves sports and has some golf clubs that keep him busy on the weekends. He loves to travel and wishes to start a family of his own one day but until then, he is married to his purpose: service and faith.

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