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Jeremy chose to enter the medical field as a CNA and had dreamed of being an RN like his Grandmother. After having been exposed to the world of Occupational Therapy he changed his major and became an Occupational Therapy Assistant in Florida. Jeremy has always had a heart to take care of people in need and even on his free can be found fixing things or helping in a general manor with older people. Jeremy believes that older Americans are a true treasure and have so much to teach those who would take the time to listen. Jeremy has extensive experience working in geriatrics and has a love of treating patients with orthopedic conditions. Jeremy has also had experience with wound care, stroke rehab, neurological disorders, dementia, and seating systems (wheelchairs etc).

When not working Jeremy can be found fishing (or chasing!) for his favorite fish the Tarpon. He has restored several older automobiles and likes to tinker on things to gain understanding of how they work. Jeremy also loves to spend time with his kids and has been a volunteer at soccer games and is heavily invested in his son’s musical interests.

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