Jenniser Rivas, PTA2021-05-08T14:38:43-04:00

I chose to become a Physical Therapist when my grandmother had a hip replacement many years ago and there were no therapists in our little town in Cuba. It was unbelievable the amount of trips we had to make to the nearest city so she could get the treatment needed.
Throughout the years I learned the importance of Physical Therapies at all ages, and I was more and more interested in becoming a Therapist. I started working in pediatrics in 2019 and it has been an amazing experience, being able to see kid’s improvement is very rewarding as well as working with adults in a rehabilitation center.

When I am not at work, I usually like to spend time with my family but I have a 9 month boy and he demands all my free time. I also love going to the beach and traveling. I can’t wait for my little one to start walking so my husband and I can enjoy more time outdoors with him.

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