How to create a language rich environment!!!!

How to create a language rich environment!!!!

WHAT is a language rich environment?

A language rich environment is when you, as a parent or caregiver, talks to the child frequently. This involves many responses from you supporting good behaviors, discussing objects around you, and talking about the actions you are engaging in.

WHY is this important?

Talking to your child frequently is important for all children from infants to toddlers to school-aged children. Using a wide range of vocabulary with your child allows your child to grow socially, build positive relationships, and helps support the kiddos language skills!

HOW can we do this at home?

Here are some tips on how to foster an environment of learning and language acquisition from a young age.

  • NARRATE what you’re doing

“Mommy is having coffee so she can keep her eyes open!”

  • READ to your little one

Kids enjoy listening to me read the grocery circulars. They know a good deal when they hear one.

  • LABEL objects in their environment

“This is my coffee mug. This is my mouth. That’s your mouth. And…that’s spit up.”

  • Give positive FEEDBACK

“Max, I love the way you spit your pacifier out and then your brother stepped on it!”

  • INTERPRET your babies’ messages

“Leo, I hear you crying! You must be hungry/sleepy/bored. Let me put your twin down that is also hungry/sleepy/bored and take care of you!”

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