Bianca Lopez, SLPA2022-02-08T15:18:11-05:00

Bianca chose to become a Speech Language Pathologist Assistant because her passion longs for helping others in need. The way she’s been able to impact lives with her knowledge and willingness to provide has shown her why this profession is meant for her. Her most consistent goal as an individual is to touch the lives of others and make a significant difference in their worlds, one person at a time. She loves being able to work with clients from different cultures and backgrounds. She is passionate about creating strong connections with her clients and their families. Bianca is currently furthering her studies and pursuing a Masters Degree in Speech-Language Pathology.

Other than being at work, Bianca loves to bake cakes and make chocolate covered strawberries. She loves reading fiction novels and taking her dog to the park. She also loves to travel to different countries and get to know their unique cultures and traditions.

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